30 Dec 2013


Job Description

I am looking for a serious JAVA coder/programmer, that could re-create a poker bot, that placed 2nd winner, in several online poker competitions.
--- This is an express programming project for a stand-alone poker bot, that will be used privately, in online "cash" poker games, mid to high stakes.
--- This poker bot is already an expert player, as is, with two second-place wins at recent online poker competitions.
--- I like all the poker bot files to be re-programmed into a single executable file, that contains all the codes necessary, to install itself on my computer quickly.
--- After installation, the poker bot must use a simple menu-type interface.
--- The bot must always run 100% in "automated mode" without player intervention.
--- Poker bot will feature 3 modes of play: aggressive, normal and grinder, and other similar features found on the popular Shanky Holdem Bot.
--- Poker bot must be 100% undetectable, able to operate in stealth hidden mode.
--- Poker bot will be mapped, to attach specifically to 5 USA poker sites and 5 International sites of my choice.
--- Strategy files classify different types of flops (e.g. all suits match, or two suits match and cards are high), and plays differently depending on the board.
--- The interface may need tweaking, to turn it into a stand-alone poker bot, with its own built-in AI engine.
--- The bot must be able to muti-tables on 4 different poker sites, silmultaneously.
--- The files include the strategy files, source code and .jar files.
--- The bot's source code is mostly in JAVA.
--- Poker bot is only for Windows 7.

Job Overview
PostedOctober 6 2013, 1:49 PM
Planned StartOct. 6 2013
Delivery DateNov. 6 2013
CategorySoftware Development
Sub-categoryApplication Interface Design
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