30 Dec 2013

Just the preflop cards, idiots !

Cigital bases its determination on the results of the statistical tests and the inspection of source code. Cigital certifies that the RNG used by PokerStars complies with the standards for randomness as given in the “Online Gambling (Systems Verification) (No.2) Regulations 2007.". The random number generator produces unpredictable and statistically random sequences that are used to generate the hands dealt on PokerStars.com.
Cigital found that the PokerStars implementation adheres to current best practices in generating random seed values. Source code analysis did not produce any evidence of improper calculations using the random numbers or misuse that would introduce predictability or bias.
In the shuffles of the decks of cards, Cigital found no evidence of bias or predictability. The shuffle test results were statistically significant and correlated strongly with expected probabilities.


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